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Air Conditioning the Mother Earth

Raveendran Narayanan is on a serious mission. He wants to change the climate system of our Mother Earth. He is spending much of his time for this mission. He is originally from Kerala, India and residing in USA for the last several years. He claims as he used to work in Middle East for many years and had to leave that place due to some harsh experiences he had from his former employers there.

He had his education in India and at a young age he moved to Middle East in search of a job. His diploma in Mechanical Engineering helped him to get a job in UAE. But he was not satisfied just to do that job alone. His thirst for knowledge leadshim to many seminars and workshops on scientific subjects.

He always wondered why there are strange climate systems in different parts of the world and he was determined to learn it’s reason and to find out the solution for it. With this plan he started to write scientific papers and Raveendran says ’This made his supervisors jealous and angryon him and they started to put Raveendran in trouble’. You can learn more about it from his upcoming book and the video link given at the bottom.

He is currently residing in Bronx, New York. He goes to library and other centers of excellence and collects valuable information’s and data on various subjects and he is an active blogger. He also has interests in legal affairs and especially in Human Rights Protection. He is very much involved in a Human Right Activists group named Justice For All, INC(JFA).

Now I want you to read a brief passage from his ownblog

“Since 1986 I started continuing education & researches in Desalination Engineering in the Middle East Countries. Continuing of data collections of Oceans & Seas Analysis since 1980 indicating that GLOBAL CLIMATE is changing from more concentrations of SALT particularly SODIUM CHLORIDE & MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE. Certain years these were over 31,000 p.p.m. and 7,100 p.p.m. Respectively.

But NASA & I.P.C.C. Scientists were declaring through their videos and publicity that MELTING OF ICE SHELVES are going on and many research flights & ships to ANTARCTICA is continuing their research since many years to measure ICE MASSES. (Melting & DEICING are two separate process that I mentioned in many earlier posts&blogs).”

His Book publishing soon in US ” ENVIRONMENTAL RAPES & H. R. ABUSES LEAD TO CLIMATE CHANGE CONTROL “ (Full colors – 500 pages) and hopefully very soon it will come out into the market. That will help Raveendran to reach out to many more people.

You can contact him through his e-mail id or phone

Raveendran Narayanan
E-mail :narayananraveen@gmail.com
Cell/Mobile: 001 347 666 8603

 Click here to watch the Video 

 Click here to watch the Video 

Report: Jose Pinto Stephen

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